Firefox 14 Officially Lands in Ubuntu

Thunderbird 14 also landed today on all supported Ubuntu OSes

With today's updates, Canonical upgraded the default web browser and default email client in all its supported Ubuntu operating systems to Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1 and Mozilla Thunderbird 14.0, respectively.

The Firefox 14 web browser was officially released yesterday, July 17th, bringing Awesome Bar URL auto-complete functionality, HTTPS support for Google searches, plugins can be loaded only on click, improved site identity manager to prevent spoofing on SSL connections with favicons, Pointer Lock API, new API to prevent your monitor from sleeping, and text-transform & improved font-variant CSS for Turkic and Greek languages.

On the other hand, Mozilla Thunderbird 14.0 brings only one feature: support for the Ubuntu One cloud storage implemented in the Filelink feature.

All Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Ubuntu 11.10, Ubuntu 11.04, and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS users can update their Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email client to version 14.0 right now, by using the Update Manager software.

Other Linux users can download Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1, as well as Mozilla Thunderbird 14.0 binary and source packages right now from Softpedia. Also, don't forget to visit our always up-to-date Firefox Extensions section and Thunderbird Extensions section for the latest add-ons!

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