Filter and Monitor Internet Activity with NxFilter 1.4.6

A few small fixes have been implemented in this version

NxFilter, a freeware DNS filtering software that can be used to filter and monitor Internet activity in a network, is now at version 1.4.6.

The NxFilter 1.4.6 tool is also capable of detecting and blocking malware, and botnet based on DNS packet inspection.

The application also used the local DNS cache to accelerate the Internet speed, load-balancing, Active Directory integration, phishing protection, and much more.

Highlights of NxFilter 1.4.6:

• The IP-based ACL for cluster node is now applying for a database connection;

• Success messages are now sent through NxUpdate;

• Bypassing the AD update, when it gets an empty data set, is now working properly.

A complete backlog of changes and new features can be found in the software's archive.

Download the NxFilter 1.4.6 tool right now from Softpedia.

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