Fedora is Giving Away Mini-PCs

The Summer of Hardware event will last until August 15th

If you ever wanted a free mini-PC capable to run a Linux distribution, then the Summer of Hardware event organized by Fedora might be just for you.

The Summer of Hardware sweepstakes made possible by Fedora puts up for grabs 200 mini-PCs, consisting of 150 Raspberry PIs, 50 OLPCs 1.75, and 20 Arduino + Shield mini PCs.

In order to qualify for the even, which is scheduled to run until August 15th, users must fulfill the following conditions:

1. You must have a Fedora Project Account;

2. You must have signed the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement;

3. You must be a member of at least one non-CLA / FPCA Fedora Group;

4. You are a legal resident of a participating country/region of at least the age of majority for your region (we'll help you figure this out below).

More details about the event, including a full list of the full contest rules and eligibility guidelines, can be found on the official website.

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