Fedora Has a New Project Leader

Jared K. Smith was replaced by Robyn Bergson as Fedora Project Leader

Jared K. Smith, the project leader of Fedora, has announced that he is stepping down from his position to make way for Robyn Bergeron.

Jared K. Smith was part of the Fedora project ever since it departed from Red Hat Linux. In his role of FPL (Fedora Project Leader) he had overseen the releases of three major versions, each one with a lot of new features. He also had some kind words about this position of major responsibility, calling it “the one throat to choke".

The former project leader also talked about his succesor, Robyn Bergson. "Robyn has proven herself in the Fedora community over the last several years, and I have complete confidence in her abilities to lead the Fedora Project. Please join with me in welcoming Robyn into her new role, and in giving her your help and support in her new role," said Jared K. Smith

The full transition will last a few weeks, but it should go smoothly and the release schedule of the Fedora project shouldn't remain the same.

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