Fedora 21 Will Probably Ditch Java 7 and Adopt Java 8

Some very interesting changes will be implemented in Fedora 21

The developers of Fedora 21 are deciding what new features to implement and which packages to keep or to upgrade for the next version of the OS, and it seems that Java and OpenJDK are now up for review.

The new Java 8 was released recently by Oracle and it’s useless to point out that it comes with a wealth of new features and fixes. Any Linux distribution that is using Java will probably think about upgrading to the new version.

“The current default Java 7 runtime in Fedora is OpenJDK 7. The latest version of OpenJDK, 8, was released on 18 March 2014. Given that Fedora 21 will not be released before August, it makes sense to include the latest version of OpenJDK in Fedora 21. OpenJDK 8 is a significant update to Java. It brings in significant new features to the Java language, including lambdas, a new javascript engine and lots of new library features,” said Red Hat’s Jaroslav Reznik in a mailing list post.

The Rad Hat developer also said that the current default Java runtime (Java 7, provided by OpenJDK 7, java-1.7.0-openjdk) used by Fedora 20 would be obsoleted and removed.

Keep in mind that this is just a proposal, but it’s very likely to happen.

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