Fedora 20 Will Be Named Heisenbug

The Fedora 20 Linux operating system will be released in November

Robyn Bergeron, the Fedora Project leader, proudly announced a few minutes ago, September 3, the codename for the upcoming Fedora 20 operating system, due for release later this year.

Without any further ado, the codename for the upcoming Fedora 20 Linux operating system will be Heisenbug, which won with 1549 votes. According to Wikipedia, Heisenbug is a computer programming jargon term for a software bug that seems to disappear or alter its behavior when one attempts to study it.

Other possible names were Eigenstate, Félicette, Superego, Cherry Ice Cream, Chateaubriand, Santa Claus, and Österreich. The voting took place between Friday, August 16, and Friday, August 30, 2013.

"Voting has concluded for the Fedora 20 release name, and the results are now available for viewing. The Fedora 20 release name is: Heisenbug," said Robyn Bergeron in the mailinglist announcement.

According to its official release schedule, Fedora 20 (Heisenbug) will be officially released on November 26, 2013. An Alpha release will be available for testing in two weeks, on September 17.

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