Fedora 20 Might Feature the E17 Desktop Environment

This is just proposition and a decision hasn't been made yet

The Fedora developers are talking about introducing the Enlightenment 0.17 desktop environment with the next 20.x branch.

The Fedora distribution already features a number of full desktop environments, GNOME and KDE being the most famous ones.

“Enlightenment 0.17 a new stable release has been released after 12 years or so of development. As many desktops are being landed on Fedora, Integrating Enlightenment in Fedora can not only enlarge the number of available desktops in Fedora, but also improve user experiences and give users another choice of Desktop Environment,” reads the proposal on the official Fedora wiki.

The Enlightenment desktop environment has been adopted by a large number of other distributions and its developers have made great strides in the past year.

The decision to adopt E17 for Fedora 20 hasn’t been taken, but it’s a very likely scenario.

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