Fedora 20 Has Been Delayed for December 3

The Alpha version will be released on September 24 and Beta on October 29

Jaroslav Reznik has announced a few minutes ago, September 12, that the upcoming Fedora 20 Linux operating system has been delayed by one week.

The Alpha version of Fedora 20 was supposed to be unveiled next week, on September 17, but due to two unresolved blocker bugs the development team decided to slip it by one week, scheduled for September 24.

Unfortunately, the Beta release and the final version of Fedora 20, which is dubbed Heisenbug, were also delayed by one week. Therefore, Fedora 20 Beta will be released on October 29, and the final version will see the light of day on December 3, 2013.

Fedora 20 is set to be the first distro that will include a Technology Preview of the Wayland display server. Other than that, let's praise the lord that there will be no other delays on the Fedora 20 release schedule.

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