Fedora 20 Alpha "Heisenbug" to Arrive on September 24

The distribution is almost on track with the release schedule

After getting busy with the naming of the new Fedora 20, the developers have also decided that it's time for the users to get the first Alpha version.

It's good to see that Fedora developers are not delaying the distribution for weeks on end and that we will get a new version of this Linux distribution fairly on time.

“At the Fedora 20 Alpha Go/No-Go Meeting #2 that just occurred, it was agreed to Go with the Fedora 20 Alpha by Fedora QA, Release Engineering and Development. Fedora 20 Alpha will be publicly available on Tuesday, September 24, 2013,” stated Jaroslav Reznik from Red Hat.

The fans of Fedora 20 have felt quite a relief when the chosen name of their favorite distribution wasn't a really silly one. Fedora 20 “Heisenbug” should arrive in December, if all goes well.

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