Fedora 18 Officially Released for IBM System z 64-bit

Spherical Cow comes on the IBM System z 64bit platform

Dan Horák announced that the Fedora 18 (Spherical Cow) operating system for IBM System z (s390x) 64-bit systems is now available for download.

Dubbed Spherical Cow, the Fedora 18 operating system brings many exciting features, enhancements and updated packages, among which we can mention a greatly improved Anaconda installer, the GNOME 3.6 desktop environment, as well as the lightweight Xfce 4.10 and MATE desktops.

"Fedora 18 GA release for the IBM System z is here. This time only one week (8 days to be correct) later than the primary and again more closer to primary when we count the number of available packages."

"Worth noting also here is that Anaconda, the Fedora installation program, has been extensively redesigned since Fedora 17," said Dan Horák in the announcement.

Download Fedora 18 for IBM System z 64-bit right now from Softpedia.

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