Fedora 18 Beta Will Finally Be Out Next Week

After numerous delays, the beta version of Spherical Cow will soon see daylight

The troubled Fedora 18 distribution is nearing its launch date and the developers have finally given the green light for the beta release, next week.

Every time Fedora 18 is trying to make a deadline window something happens and the release gets postponed. A feature freeze was announced a week ago, so a beta was bound to appear.

“At the F18 Beta Go/No-Go Meeting that just occurred, it was agreed to Go for the Fedora 18 Beta. It will be released on Tuesday, November 27, 2012,” stated Jaroslav Reznik.

“A massive thanks to everyone who was working hard on F18 Beta - so called 'Exploding Turkey' - release and also thanks for your patience,” he ended.

Fedora 18 Beta has gone through seven delays so far and the final version is scheduled to launch in 2013.

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