Fedora 18 Beta Is Now in Freeze

The Beta release of Fedora 18 might actually be released!

Kevin Fenzi announced a couple of days ago that the upcoming and highly anticipated Fedora 18 Beta release is now in Freeze, meaning that we will actually be able to download and test this important milestone of the Spherical Cow.

"Just a reminder to all, that barring any last minute issues Fedora 18 branched will enter freeze (again) starting tomorrow."

"There will be one more stable push late tonight that will appear in tomorrows branched compose, after that only updates fixing accepted Beta Blockers or accepted Beta Nice to Have bugs will be allowed stable until Beta is released," said Kevin Fenzi in the email announcement.

As you all know, Fedora 18 Beta has been delayed seven times until now, which forced the final release to be postponed for 2013.

Let's all pray and hope that Fedora 18 Beta will be available for download as scheduled, on November 27, 2012.

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