Fedora 17 Beta Delayed a Week

Who would have thought that of all distributions, Fedora will be late?

A Fedora distribution releasing on schedule has become a running joke. There was some hope that a new project leader for Fedora might improve these issues, but it seems that Fedora 17 Beta (Beefy Miracle) will slip a week.

Robyn Bergeron, the newly appointed leader of the Fedora Project, said that the preupgrade was not functioning at an acceptable level, even if the QA team managed to overcome all the validation testing.

“As a result, all major milestones and their dependent tasks, will be pushed out by one week. Beta will now be looking at an expected release of 2012-04-17, and F17 GA is now scheduled for 2012-05-22. This is the second one-week slip of beta”, said Robyn Bergeron.

This means, of course, that all the schedules will have to be modified and all the planned releases will have to be delayed with a week. Moreover, Fedora 17 RC3 was supposed to be the last release candidate before the final version, but an RC4 will now be necessary.

In the meantime, users can download Fedora 17 Alpha right now from Softpedia.

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