Father Builds First Raspberry Pi-Powered Tooth Fairy Tooth Transport

There seems to be no end for the uses of a Raspberry Pi

Developers have proved that the Raspberry Pi can be used for a lot of interesting projects, but very few had the kind of appeal of the Tooth Fairy project.

Giving money for teeth has become quite a tradition, but a parent took it a little bit further and with the help of a Raspberry Pi, he managed to connect the Tooth Fairy to his house.

Jeff Highsmith built a pneumatic system in his house, similar with the ones used in large stores to carry money. With a lot of ingenuity and patience, he got the system running and he used a Raspberry Pi to do it and an old iPhone with a simple web app.

“The Raspberry Pi serves up an interface that I built using Hype, which allowed me to quickly animate the movement of the capsule on the map and the spinning tooth on the 'Under Review' page,” said Jeff Highsmith.

The system is powerful and versatile enough that it could be able to run other errands for other mythological creatures.

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