Fantasy Dog Fighting Simulator “Offworld” Available for Free on Linux

If you think the game is worth it you can also donate money for the developers

Offworld, a single-player title developed by Tengu Games, has been released for the Linux platform, for free.

In Offworld, the players get to pilot one of two air ships, from two different clans. There is no storyline, just one massive battle in which you respawn until one of the two sides wins.

Players can choose from an array of weapons and launch their ship to fight the enemy, which is controlled by the AI. Don't be fooled by the small size of the game, the AI is very powerful and it will be very hard to win the fights, at least in the beginning.

The game is powered by the Unity engine, which has had Linux support for some time already. There are a lot of games out there powered by Unity, and Offworld is one that actually looks decent, given the fact that it's rather small.

“Offworld was designed and created by friends during their internships in 2012 because they loved making games and game art wanted to create something awesome. During this adventure there were never any thoughts of publishing this game,” reads the official website.

You can download Offworld for free, but you can also contribute before downloading by paying for the game with PayPal whatever sum you think it's worth it.

The game can be downloaded (purchased) from the official website.

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