Fans Create Ubuntu Gangnam Style Cover

Check out this song and tell us what you make of it

A few fans have decided to adapt the famous song Gangnam Style by PSY and turn it into an ode to the Ubuntu operating system.

What happens when you put together a few guys with way too much free time, Gangnam Style by PSY, and the Ubuntu operating system?

The answer is simple: Ubuntu Gangnam Style (Short Version) - an Ubuntu Audiocast Bonus Track. At least this is what the guys from Trapped In My Blue Room Productions call it.

The song is interpreted by the presenters of Ubuntu Audiocast, an audio show about the Ubuntu operating system. You can check some of their teasers and the first episode of their show on

If you were impressed by the song, you can always download the latest Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 1 from Softpedia.

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