Faerie Solitaire Beta Is Now Available on Steam for Linux

The development for this title is now in full throttle

Faerie Solitaire, a different approach to the well-known Solitaire genre, has been announced for Linux and the developers have made a beta version available for the users.

According to the producers, users will find and raise a Faerie pet and repopulate the magical land of Avalon, using the resources found by clearing each level.

The Linux version comes with a few improvements and fixes, but it's still a beta release and various problems can arise:

• Issues with python2.7:i386 have been fixed;

• Several problems with drivers on the Linux platform, which causes low FPS, have been corrected;

• Players will have to use $XDG_DATA_HOME (or ~/.local/share/ if not available) as a save location, not ~;

• Antialiasing was added for the game;

• Achievements are now always synchronized with Steam;

• The game is now keeping the aspect ratio.

More details about the fixes and various problems still present in this release can be found on the official Steam forum.

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