FTL: Faster Than Light Receives an Overhaul on Steam for Linux

The developers are still updating this amazing game

FTL: Faster Than Light, a game developed by the Subset Games studio in which the players get to experience what it is like to command a starship, has just received a major update.

Faster Than Light is a “spaceship simulation rogue-like,” which has practically become a genre since the game's release. It's a unique title featuring a gameplay that will keep the players on edge.

Highlights of the latest Faster Than Light update:

• Players are now able retrieve crew from a room when teleporting;

• When the players are carrying the Crystal alien from the stasis pod, the Rock Homeworld map will start with the appropriate quest marker;

• The Crystal Lockdown bomb is now available as a drop;

• Waiting in a nebula will no longer remove the sensor dampening effect.

If you are interested in Faster Than Light, check out the official Steam website.

We reviewed Faster Than Light and we found that it's one of the most original games to be released in the past few years.

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