Evolve OS Features a Beautiful Desktop Environment with a GNOME 2 Vibe

The Evolve OS developer is looking to attract more users for his distro

Evolve OS, a new Linux distribution that's still under development and that features a new desktop environment, is now reaching out to the GNOME 2 fans and showing that they might find some solace with this operating system.

Once upon a time there was a desktop environment called GNOME and many users like it. The desktop paradigm was the norm for many years and it had numerous fans. You can imagine the level of disappointment when the GNOME project changes course and GNOME 2 becomes history.

There are some projects out there that are actively trying to bring that old feeling back, like MATE for example. Some are doing it better than others, but now there's a new player in town. Evolve OS features a desktop environment called Budgie and it seems that it's also quite capable of appealing to the GNOME 2 fans.

“Yo - we heard you like GNOME2. With Budgie, you can either keep the modern look or make yourself at home with the GNOME Panel theme integration. (Customisable menu icon + label, and panel shadow, coming soon to a git repo near you),” said the developer of Budgie, Ikey Doherty.

You can download Evolve OS Alpha 3 and give it a spin if you are curious about the new operating system.

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