Enlightenment E17 Alpha 7 Desktop Environment is Ready for Testing

Get Enlightenment E17 Alpha 7 right now from Softpedia

Enlightenment E17, a lean, fast, modular and very extensible window manager for X11 that provides all the necessary packages to run a desktop, is now at version Alpha 7.

Highlights of Enlightenment E17 Alpha 7:

• DND operations in the filemanager now crash less often;

• The Notification gadget has been removed;

• The gadget for fileman_opinfo shows a red light when its window wants attention;

• Extremely large menus no longer align improperly;

• Gadget popups once again to position themselves correctly for left/top shelves;

• Shelf autohide no longer causes a crash when triggered during a monitor rotation.

A comprehensive list of changes and improvements can be found in the official announcement.

Download Enlightenment E17 Alpha 7 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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