Empathy 3.8.3 Fixes History Logs

The latest version of Empathy can be downloaded from Softpedia

Empathy, a messaging program that supports text, voice and video chat, and file transfers over many different protocols, is now at version 3.8.3.

Empathy 3.8.3 uses Telepathy for protocol and the user interface is based on Gossip. The Empathy messenger is also the default chat client in current versions of GNOME.

The application supports all major protocols, including Google Talk (Jabber/XMPP), MSN, IRC, Salut, AIM, Facebook, Yahoo, and more.

This latest version of Empathy is just a bugfix release, with just a couple of changes.

Highlights of Empathy 3.8.3:

• The history function no longer uses the wrong encoding to show utf8 logs;

• Empathy no longer crashes with SIGSEGV in listing_failed_cb().

For a complete list of fixes and updated translations, you can check out the official changelog.

Download Empathy 3.8.3 right now from Softpedia.

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