EA at UDS. Should We Care?

The Electronic Arts presentation at UDS were much ado about nothing

Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland is a chance for developers to make use of their talent and a come up with interesting things for the Ubuntu platform. It seems that Electronic Arts is not falling in this particular category.

A couple of weeks back, Valve revealed to be quite interested in the Linux platform and they have even announced a release a Steam for Linux in the near future. Just a week after this event, Electronic Arts announced its participation to the Ubuntu Developer Summit event, so everyone got exited, right?

Wrong! The excitement was for nothing, and Electronic Arts has made a mockery of Linux and Ubuntu users in particular. A couple of micro-transaction based and free-to-play games (more precisely links to the web counterpart) were added to Ubuntu Software Center and they felt the need to make this announcement in person, rather than just send a spam mail that we could delete immediately.

To paraphrase Boromir from Lord of the Rings: “One does not come to a Linux conference and just suggest Linux users to pay for stuff”. More precisely, Linux users will pay gladly for great software and games, but they will not be treated as a community that gladly feeds with the scraps from the supper table, like an obedient dog.

According to Michael Larabel from phoronix.com, Electronic Arts even had a 15 minute presentation in which they said nothing of importance, except presenting some stuff for Wine. Wine? Really? I guess this is the part where we should be giddy and happy that the mighty Electronic Arts is adding things to Wine, right?

EA also stated that they will not delay Windows games to make Linux ports, saying is not economically feasible. They even bragged that some of their games have become open-source, such as the ORIGINAL Sim City and part of Sims 1. I can barely contain my joy and I can't wait to try some 20 year old pixelated goodies.

I am just a Linux user and this should be more than suffice for me. Such a good boy!

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