Dustforce for Linux Will Be Available Through Steam

The information is taken from the CDR database, a trusted source of Steam games

Dustforce, a strange and entertaining 2D platformer created by the Hitbox Team, has been announced for Linux, through the CDR database.

Dustforce for Linux was already available for Linux and it was on sale in Humble Bundle collection, but with the imminent launch of Steam for Linux, the developers have decided to release it on Valve's digital distribution platform.

Even though it might look like other 2D platforms, Dustforce features a unique gamesplay and general atmosphere. The players control an acrobatic janitor who has to cleanse the world of filth.

Our information is taken from the CDR database and by no means is it completely certain. CDR Database is a record of data that describes every Steam game and subscription provided by Valve for the Steam service.

Usually, the new entries in the Steam database are firstly visible in the CDR Database before their official launch.

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