DragonFly BSD 3.4.2 Bugfix Release Available for Download

The latest version of DragonFly BSD can be downloaded from Softpedia

DragonFly, a distribution that belongs to the same class of operating systems as other BSD-derived systems and UNIX, is now at version 3.4.2.

DragonFly 3.4.2 is not a major release and it comes with just a few changes and improvements.

Highlights of DragonFly BSD 3.4.2:

• More than 2 CPUs are now supported in Xen, without any crashes;

• Booting x86_64 DragonFly in KVM is now possible;

• Support wider terminals has been implemented;

• The MXCSR default value has been fixed;

• Missing braces have been added (kernel/hptiop);

• MSI has been disabled by default.

Check out all the changes, updates and fixes in the official announcement.

“If you’ve already got a working 3.4.1 installation, you don’t need to rush to upgrade; this is mostly for the people affected by the issues listed above,” reads the announcement.

Download DragonFly 3.4.2 right now from Softpedia.

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