Download ownCloud 4.5.0

The latest version of ownCloud comes with great new features

ownCloud Inc, the popular open source enterprise file sync and share project, has just launched commercial offerings based on version 4.5 of the community edition of ownCloud.

According to the developers, ownCloud 4.5 introduces faster uploading, downloading and syncing of files – even very large files, greater and more granular administrative control, and adds innovative features like sub-admins for groups.

“ownCloud gives our community a great product, with the capabilities and features they need to control their data,” said Frank Karlitschek, founder of ownCloud.

“One of my favorite new features is the ability for admins and users to mount external storage. For the first time, ownCloud can provide a common sharing platform across a half dozen different storage back ends and combine them into one logical access point. The video streaming is pretty cool too.”

The community edition of ownCloud now has over 650,000 users, and because it’s open source, ownCloud offers no vendor lock-in and pulls in features from the community.

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