Download Mozilla Firefox 20 for Linux with New Download Manager

Mozilla Firefox 20 features per-window private browsing!

As expected, a few hours ago (April 2), Mozilla uploaded the final packages of the Mozilla Firefox 20.0 web browser for all supported platforms, including Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple's Mac OS X.

However, Firefox 20.0 has not been officially announced by Mozilla, yet, but you can download the final version right now from the official Mozilla FTP servers (see download link below).

Highlights of Mozilla Firefox 20.0:

· Per-window Private Browsing;

· Brand-new download experience;

· Fixed a Unity issue related to HiDPI mode;

· Hanging plugins can now be easily closed, without crashing the web browser;

· Improved page loads, shutdown, downloads, and other common tasks;

· Improved implementation of Math.imul and ECMAScript 6 - clear();

· New JavaScript Profiler utility;

· Implemented getUserMedia for web access to the user's microphone and camera;

· Added blend mode support in <canvas>;

· Several <video> and <audio> improvements;

· Details button on Crash Reporter.

Download Mozilla Firefox 20.0 for Linux binaries and sources right now from Softpedia. Also, don't forget to visit our always up-to-date Firefox Extensions section for the latest add-ons.

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