Download Linux Kernel 3.6 Release Candidate 1

Prepare to test the first RC of the upcoming Linux 3.6 kernel

Linus Torvalds announced earlier today, August 3rd, that the first Release Candidate of the upcoming Linux 3.6 kernel is now available for download and testing.

Linux kernel 3.6 RC1 brings mostly updated drivers, but it also contains ARM/X86/PowerPC/MIPS/tile/m68k fixes, as well as filesystem and networking improvements.

"Anyway, on to the stuff merged. As usual, even the shortlog is too big to usefully post, but there's the usual breakdown: about two thirds of the changes are drivers (with the CSR driver from the staging tree being a big chunk of the noise - christ, that thing is big and wordy even after some of the crapectomy)." - said Linus Torvalds in the email announcement.

Download Linux kernel 3.6 RC1 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development release and it is intended for testing purposes only.

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