Download Linux Kernel 3.2 RC5 and Linux Kernel 3.1.5

All users of the Linux 3.1 kernel series must upgrade!

Linus Torvalds and Greg KH announced a few hours ago, December 9th, that another Release Candidate version of the upcoming Linux kernel 3.2 and the stable Linux kernel 3.1.5 are both available for download. 

Linux kernel 3.2 RC5 incorporates various Btrfs and XFS changes, network updates, as well as new GPU, network, MD and sound drivers.

"That said, there's nothing really scary there and it all tends to be pretty small, and many of them are solid regression fixes. Ok? Because we all want a quiet holiday season, don't we? And Santa doesn't like it when I curse a lot in email." - said Linus Torvalds in the email.

Just in time for Christmas, Linux kernel 3.1.5 is a must-grab upgrade for all users of the 3.1 kernel stable series!

Download Linux Kernel 3.1.5 right now from Softpedia.

Download Linux Kernel 3.2 RC5 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development release and it is intended for testing purposes only.

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