Download GNOME 3.5.1 Live USB ISO Image

The first development release of the upcoming GNOME 3.6

Ray Strode announced last night, May 17th, the immediate availability for download of a Live USB ISO image of the recently released GNOME 3.5.1 desktop environment.

Being a test release only, GNOME 3.5.1 was released by the GNOME developers at the beginning of the month, on May 2nd, and it brings usual bugfixes and improvement to core components. And now, you can test it with this Live USB ISO image.

This ISO image of GNOME 3.5.1 can written on an USB flash drive using the following command:

sudo dd if=GNOME-3.5.1-LiveUSB.iso of=/dev/DRIVE bs=8M conv=fsync

(where DRIVE is the USB stick, probably /dev/sdb if you have a single hard drive with a single partition, but could be something different, so be careful!)

Download GNOME 3.5.1 Live USB right now from Softpedia.

Download GNOME 3.5.1 sources right now from Softpedia.

Remember that this is a development release and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended to be used for testing purposes only.

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