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The "Squeeze" system is at its third maintenance release

The Debian project proudly announced a couple of days ago, October 8th, the third maintenance release of the stable Debian 6.0 operating system.

Debian 6.0.3 brings fixes to various security issues, as well as improvements to some serious problems. Some of the packages included in the previous versions of the distribution were also updated with the Debian 6.0.3 release.

If you regularly maintain your stable Debian 6.0.x release with security updates, there is no need to upgrade your system to Debian 6.0.3 as you already have most of the updates.

The included Linux kernel 2.6.32-38 packages have been rebuild for all supported architectures, and the e1000e, igbvf, igb, r8169, broadcom, and tg3 drivers were updated.

The Debian Installer has been updated to correct two issues regarding netinstall on IP22 / IP32 (mips) and allowing the use of grub-legacy to be pre-seeded.

Download Debian 6.0.3 right now from Softpedia.

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