Double Fine Hints at Brutal Legend for Linux

The superb action adventure could be ported to Linux, if sales go well

Brutal Legend, an action adventure developed by Double Fine Productions, could arrive on Linux, as the sales for the Windows platform are satisfying.

If you haven’t heard of Double Fine Production, you should know that they are also responsible for the cult game Psychonauts, not to mention the recently released The Cave.

Psychonauts was ported to the Linux platform and The Cave has good chances of arriving on Steam for Linux. This can only mean that Brutal Legend could also make its way, someday, on Steam for Linux.

The information about a Linux version for Brutal Legend was made public, by the studio, on their official Twitter account. One of their followers asked about a port and the answer was unequivocal.

“Hopefully there will be! If it does well enough on Windows we'll be able to fund more PC platforms like Mac and Linux,” stated the studio’s representative.

It’s not much, but it gives us hope for Linux version.

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