Door Kickers RTT Game Is Now Available on Linux

This is a 2D top-down Real-Time Tactics (RTT) game

The independent game studio, KillHouse Games, has recently announced that their highly-anticipated Real-Time Tactics (RTT) game, called Door Kickers, has been made available for Linux-based operating systems, as well as for Apple’s Mac OS X and Microsoft’s Windows OSes.

Door Kickers is a 2D top-down RTT (Real-Time Tactics) game that puts the player in charge of a SWAT team.

The game features a freeform, real-time gameplay with free pause, single-player mode, non-linear levels, no hexes, no turns, no action points or awkward interfaces, unlimited gameplay via campaign and mission generators, as well as a mission editor and support for mods.

Being a DRM-free title, Door Kickers is cross-platform, which makes it playable on the Linux, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. Buying one will give you access to all three builds.

Door Kickers can be purchased right now from the official website for $7.99 (6 EUR). Also, don't forget to vote it on Steam Greenlight.

Download the Linux Demo of Door Kicker from here.

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