DocBook Doclet 6.0.3 Is Available for Download

The latest version of DocBook Doclet can be found on Softpedia

DocBook Doclet, a tool that is used to create DocBook XML and class diagrams from Javadoc comments, is now at version 6.0.3.

DocBook Doclet 6.0.3 can be used to convert HTML files to DocBook and transform DocBook XML into various output formats.

The application has a complete DocBook distribution containing schemas and the DocBook XSL stylesheets and it also integrates Apache FOP as the XSL:FO processor.

Highlights of DocBook Doclet 6.0.3:

• Preserving the attribute lang of pre-elements is now possible;

• The command line arguments have been cleaned up;

• New profiles have been added and the old ones were improved;

• The creation of invalid DocBook XML, when transforming an element with a nested img element, has been repaired;

• The processing of meta elements is now possible;

• Minor fixes have been implemented.

Download DocBook Doclet 6.0.3 right now from Softpedia.

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