Dismembering a Samurai Is Fun and Easy in Bladeless Free Game

This is a minimalist browser game that will occupy precious hours from your free time

Bladeless is a game that anyone can play in a browser and that will challenge all the players to survive for as long as possible.

Bladeless has been developed by Kid Evil and was submitted to Ludum Dare, which is a video game development competition.

It features a unique gameplay and ensures that no two playthroughs are the same. The enemies are generated on the spot, from a large assortment of body parts.

According to indiegames.com, the game also comes with rather accurate animations, and every fight ends with a dismemberment, either for you or for the enemy.

Bladeless' gameplay is straightforward. The ASD keys are used to parry Up, Middle, and Down, and the arrow keys control the player’s counter-hits.

This is a game of reactions, as the player never initiates combat. Once it starts, it's impossible to stop or to run away.

Bladeless is free and can be found on Kid Evil's official site.

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