Developers Can Now Cross-Compile with CMake from SDK Apps to Unity8 and Mir in Ubuntu 14.04

Canonical is making great headway towards complete convergence

Canonical has announced that it’s now possible to cross-compile with CMake from SDK Apps to Unity8 and Mir.

The ultimate goal of Canonical is the convergence of all its platforms, but this is a difficult task when you have to compile applications for each system in part.

“As of latest cmake upload into trusty, it is now trivial to cross-compile CMake based projects,” said Canonical’s Dimitri John Ledkov on the official mailing list.

This method has been successfully tested on the following packages: Mir, Unity8, ubuntu-system-settings, ubuntu-settings-components, unity-notifications, unity-scope-onlinemusic, uhub, uchardet, and more.

One time setup: mk-sbuild --target armhf trusty

Building a package: sbuild -A -d trusty --host armhf package*.dsc

Since this is built into CMake, one can use cmake directly: dpkg-architecture -aarmhf cmake ../; make

More details about this new development can be found in the official announcement.

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