Developer Reveals Plans for “Revenge of the Titans” on Steam for Linux

The information has been made public by a developer on the Steam forums

Revenge of the Titans, one of the most successful indie RTS games released in the last couple of years, will be arriving on Steam for Linux.

Unlike most titles which appear for the first time in the CDR database, the information about bringing Revenge of the Titans on Steam for Linux has been revealed by one of the developers on the official forum.

One of the users on the Steam forum has raised the question about a Linux version, and one of the developers, with the user name cprince, responded promptly.

“Yes, when we've got a bit of time. As you know it already works on Linux, it's just that we'd need to do some work to get it working under Steam on Linux and we're so busy right now there isn't time” stated the developer.

It's not clear when the game will be available, but the entry has already appeared for the users who bought it for other platforms.

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