Developer Prepares uTorrent GTK Client for Linux, Are You Interested?

GuTorrent will be the first ever native Linux uTorrent graphical client

Apparently, an independent developer has announced recently that he has started developing a GUI (Graphical User Interface) frontend for the Linux uTorrent server software, written in C++ using Gtkmm, around the popular and powerful GTK+ toolkit, and called GuTorrent.

At the moment, the uTorrent server for Linux only has a web-based user interface that doesn’t allow users to click magnet links in web pages in order to add them to the download queue. So, if GuTorrent becomes reality, it will be the first ever graphical client for the uTorrent server, a.k.a. the first ever uTorrent client for Linux.

There’s no source code at the moment to test the GuTorrent application (above is a real screenshot of the software in action, posted by the developer), but most of the functionality is already in place, including torrent list, torrent files, peer list, job properties, torrent priority, start, stop, pause, force start, unpause, recheck, remove, remove data, as well as the main window UI.

If users are interested in a native uTorrent client for Linux operating systems, the developer will definitely continue the work and release a first version of GuTorrent very soon. So make sure you share this article with your friends if you want to see this piece of software become reality.

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