Desktop Publishing Software Scribus 1.4.2 Fixes Scrapbook

The latest version of Scribus can be downloaded from Softpedia

Scribus, open source software that brings professional page layout to Linux, with a combination of press-ready output and new approaches to page design, is now at version 1.4.2.

Scribus 1.4.2 provides support for professional publishing features, such as color separations, CMYK and Spot Color support, ICC color management, and PDF creation.

Highlights of Scribus 1.4.2:

• Scrapbook was not working correctly with image frames if the images were located on a different drive;

• Crashes due to signal 0000011 when opening file were fixed;

• The drop-down list in Measurements tool is now the proper size;

• Downloaded DE dictionaries are now available for selection;

• Seed up some loops for very long text in many linked frames;

• A crash in character palette has been repaired.

The complete list of update and fixes can be found inside the archive, in a file named CHANGES.

Download Scribus 1.4.2 right now from Softpedia.

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