Descent|OS 5 Will No Longer be Based on Debian

Descent|OS will be an independent Linux operating system, using hpkg

Brian Manderville, the developer of the Descent|OS Linux operating system announced recently on his blog that the upcoming release of his distribution will no longer be based on Debian or anything else.

Descent|OS 5 will be an independent release, with no attachment to the Ubuntu or Debian bases. It will have its own software repository and will support the 32-bit, 64-bit and PPC architectures.

"I see Descent|OS 4.x as an utter failure; I don’t like the Debian base, although it is better than the base I left. What that has left me with is a bunch of compatibility issues and upstream politics/decisions, something that has worn me out about any upstream base, not pointing any fingers," says Brian Manderville in the blog announcement.

Descent|OS 5 will use hpkg (Hybrid Package Manager), a smart utility that can handle both source and binaries installations, as the developer says on his blog "We will not be using apt, yum, urpmi, zypper, pacman, or portage. We are doing something else entirely. We are using hpkg."

An Alpha release of Descent|OS 5 will be made available for testing in the upcoming months. Until than, you can download Descent|OS 4 right now from Softpedia.

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