Debian Distro on Kindle Paperwhite Is Now Possible

A developer from Poland has managed to boot up Debian on a Kindle Paperwhite

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak, a developer and Kindle enthusiast from Poland, has managed to run Debian on a Kindle Paperwhite.

Running other operating systems on Kindle Paperwhite hardware is not easy. Judging from the instructions Sebastian left, the process must have been quite laborious.

“It's just chrooted Debian with Xephyr launched on main X server (with proper window name) and everything else launched inside that Xephyr server,” said Sebastian Krzyszkowiak in a forum post.

He then went on and published a comprehensive guide so that other users can replicate his work.

The Debian distribution is shown working, with a simple messenger and quite a few games, although the E-ink display shows its limitations.

Kindle Paperwhite is the latest touch Ebook reader launched by Amazon, a little over a month ago. It's amazing to see what has been done in such a short time and we can only imagine what the Linux community has in store for us.

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