Debian 8.0 Will Be Known as Jessie

Jessie is the codename for the next major Debian release!

The Debian Release Team, through Adam D. Barratt, announced a few days ago on their mailing list that the next major release of the Debian operating system will be named Jessie.

Yes, we're talking about Debian 8.0 Linux distribution, which should be released sometime in 2015, whose codename is Jessie, another character from the Toy Story animated movie.

"It's become a tradition that the reward for reading all the way through our first post-freeze mail is to be one of the first few to know the name of the next release."

"Continuing in that vein, we are happy to announce that Debian 8.0 will be known as "Jessie"." - said Adam D. Barratt in the mailing list message.

However, there's a very long way until Debian 8.0 will be released, three years from now, so we should concentrate our efforts on the upcoming Debian 7.0 (Wheezy) operating system, due for release in early 2013.

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