Dear Esther Announced for Linux, Get It at 50% Discount

The developer of Dear Esther is looking for Linux testers

Dear Esther, a first-person adventure game that has caused quite a stir so far in the gaming community, is being ported onto the Linux platform.

The game is being developed by thechineseroom, an independent game studio based in UK which is responsible for other titles, such as Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

The information about the Linux version of Dear Ester was made public on Twitter, by Robert Briscoe from the thechineseroom studio.

“Linux/Ubuntu users, we need testers! Message me with your details if you're interested in helping make Dear Esther on Linux a reality!” Briscoe posted.

Dear Esther was initially developed as a mod for the Source engine, the same one used in Half-Life 2 and Portal, back in 2009. It was reworked and remastered a couple of years later and relaunched as a standalone game.

Although the gamer's input in Dear Ester is minimum, fact which made some people say that it was not even a real game, it's still one of the best indie titles launched this year.

Moreover, Dear Ester is now on sale on Steam, at 50% off. When Steam for Linux launches, players who have the game on Windows, will also have it for Linux.

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