CrossOver 12.2.0 Supports Ubuntu 13.04

The Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter Beta runs on CrossOver 12.2.0

CodeWeavers, through Josh Dubois, CrossOver product manager at CodeWeavers, proudly announced a few hours ago, May 1, that the CrossOver 12.2.0 software has been officially released for both Linux and Mac OS X platforms.

CrossOver 12.2.0 is here to support the recently released Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) operating system from Canonical, which made the application fail to register itself. It also adds initial support for the Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter Beta game.

CrossOver 12.2.0 adds better support for some games, which now work correctly in full-screen mode, including Wizard 101. Moreover, the support for Microsoft Office 2007 has been improved, and support for Traditional Chinese was fixed.

“With the recent release of Ubuntu 13.04, we experienced another bug which caused CrossOver to fail to register itself. “

“This release fixes that, and is back-dated so any user who had support when 13.04 was released a few days ago will be able to download and install CrossOver 12.2.0,” Josh Dubois said in the official release announcement.

Download CrossOver 12.2.0 right now from Softpedia.

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