Counter-Strike 1.6 Beta Officially Released on Steam for Linux

The famous multiplayer first-person shooter can now be played on Linux

After the release of the first Half-Life, it was only natural for Valve to announce Counter-Strike 1.6 on Steam for Linux.

Who would have thought that Counter-Strike 1.6 would be in beta ever again or that it will be eventually launched on Linux?

Nobody seemed to notice that the Half-Life engine is OpenGL capable and very few people actually believed that Valve's games could be ported.

It only took them a decade or so, but one of the best cooperative multiplayer games is finally available on Steam for Linux. There are some kinks to iron out, but the game is playable and it's just as we remembered it, fun and looking terrible.

Strangely enough, the game can't be bought alone, but as part of a package called Counter-Strike: Condition Zero which contains Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. You can check out the official Steam website for more details about the game.

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