Control ownCloud with Android and iOS Apps

Over 15,000 apps, for both platforms, have been sold already

ownCloud users now have better control over their data with new apps for Android and iOS devices.

The mobile apps, with over 15,000 sold for iOS and Android, can be used to access the ownCloud server, by seamlessly integrating with existing security, storage, monitoring and reporting tools.

“Employees are taking their data everywhere - on tablets, PCs, phones, and more – so they can do whatever it takes to get the job done,” said Matt Richards, vice president, products, ownCloud.

“Companies worldwide are beginning to realize that they need more than just an app and some third party storage, they need to get this under control, but without easy-to-use, feature-rich access to that data, the best-intentioned employees will find a way around even the tightest policies. We help companies avoid this trap,” he added.

Both apps come with some great features such as SSL certificate warnings, uploads tab, multiple accounts management, Wi-Fi photo auto-uploading, and much more.

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