Control GNOME 3 Desktop with Kinect [Video Demo]

The technology is not yet perfected, but it promises a great deal

When watching movies like Minority Report, have you ever wondered if the technology behind it could have been that of a future Linux? Skeltrack shows that is possible.

Joaquim Rocha has developed a technology that allows users to control the GNOME 3 desktop environment using his hands and body, with the help of a Kinect sensor.

According to the developer, the software registers the user's head and hands' positions, and interprets them in order to map some gestures, with events in the desktop using Xlib in the GNOME 3 desktop.

This procedure allows the user to control the mouse pointer, click and drag windows and folders, and even to zoom in by using a pinch gesture. Skeltrack can even be used in games, for example in a racing title, by simulating the steering wheel.

If you are interested in this technology, Joaquim Rocha provides a demo, which can be downloaded right now from Softpedia.

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