ConfigServer Firewall 6.00 Has Greatly Improved Startup Times

The latest version of ConfigServer Firewall can be downloaded from Softpedia

ConfigServer Firewall, an SPI iptables firewall that is straightforward, easy and flexible to configure and secure, with extra checks to ensure smooth operation, is now at version 6.00.

Highlights of ConfigServer Firewall 6.00:

• FASTSTART now allows for very quick startup at reboot and during uptime. If the Country Code blocking options (CC_*) are used, their tables are loaded by csf and lfd almost instantly;

• FASTSTART is enabled on new installations (or those in TESTING mode). Existing installations will need to enable it manually;

• LF_QUICKSTART renamed to LFDSTART, setting value preservedts to csf and lfd init routines have been implemented;

• A problem with the scheduled Server Security Check reports has been fixed;

• Crypt::CBC has been updated to 2.32.

Check out the official changelog for a complete list of new features and fixes.

Download CSF 6.00 right now from Softpedia.

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