ConfigServer Firewall 5.72 Officially Released

The latest version of CSF can be downloaded from Softpedia

ConfigServer Firewall, an SPI iptables firewall that is straight-forward, easy and flexible to configure and secure with extra checks to ensure smooth operation, is now at version 5.72.

Highlights of ConfigServer Firewall 5.72:

• Missing DD setting in DA and generic installations for ST_DISKW have been added;

• IPv6 port settings have been modified to reflect IPv4 port settings for new installs in csf.conf;

• If a deleted executable process is detected and reported, then do not further report children of the parent (or the parent itself if a child triggered the report), if the parent is also a deleted executable process:

• Parent PID added to PT_DELETED_ACTION parameters;

• Modify DD calculation for ST_DISKW for disks that report in GB/s.

Check out the complete changelog for a complete list of new features and fixes.

Download CSF 5.72 right now from Softpedia.

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