Conary System Manager Receives Major Update

The developer has implemented quite a few fixes and updates

Conary, a distributed software management system for Linux distributions that is employed by rBuilder Online and rPath products, has reached version 2.4.8.

Conary 2.4.8 tools can be used to package software for desktop distributions such as Foresight Linux, or for building software appliances and derivative distributions based on Conary.

Highlights of Conary 2.4.8:

• --replace-modified-files, --replace-managed-files, and --replace-unmanaged-files options have been added to the "conary rollback" command;

• The --replace-files option is now deprecated. Scripts should use the more specific options --replace-unmanaged-files, --replace- modified-files, --replace-managed-files, and --replace-config- files, depending on which scenarios need to be overridden;

• Typically only the first two will be useful and are safe other than that they may overwrite modifications to the system.

A complete backlog of changes can be found on the official website.

Download Conary 2.4.8 right now from Softpedia.

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