Company of Heroes 2 Real Time Strategy Could Arrive on Linux Soon

A new triple-A game from Sega might be getting a Linux release

Company of Heroes 2, a real time strategy developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sega, might be getting a Linux release soon.

Sega has already expressed its interest to bring some of the titles in its portfolio to Linux platform. For example, Total War: ROME II is expected to arrive on the open source platform in the near future and Football Manager 2015 will also get a Linux launch.

Company of Heroes 2 is a relatively new title and it was made available on Windows back in June, 2013. It's unclear what is the time frame for a game of this size and with some many online features, but we'll soon find out.

"In the world’s darkest hour you are a commander of the Soviet Red Army, entrenched in brutal frontline warfare to free Mother Russia from the Enemy invaders," reads the official synopsis on Steam.

The information about the Linux version is taken from the Steam database, and by no means is it completely certain. The Steam Database is a record of data that describes every Steam game and subscription provided by Valve for the Steam service.

Usually, the new entries are first visible in the Steam Database before their official launch, but there is no indication about a release date.

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